Go Right, Young Man! [ VIDEO ]

And they say that gaming is art.

source: YouTube


  • Alastor

    That was… pretty awesome…

  • Sai

    That’s the right way.

  • Chrispy

    It’s like 2:42 of pure nostalgic bliss.

  • Halrawk

    Do you think this explains my long seeded desire to always go left when there is a fork (in gaming or in real life)?

  • LordGalvatron

    To the east! Always to the east!

  • I never posted here before, and I’ll probably go back to lurking after this, but… I got teary eyed watching that.

    Thank you Steve for this awesome link!

  • spweasel

    Run Right for Justice!

  • JulieR

    That was really cool!

  • YellowHat

    Make sure you let it buffer the whole way before watching… Having it stop right in the middle really destroys the emotional effect it works so hard to create.

  • MichaelDK

    Soooooo… gaming is rightwinged?

  • tmntman

    So am I the only one who was annoyed that they included Metroid despite the fact that you travel in all directions in that game?

    • JediMB

      Well, the video did seem to make a point out of that after going left to pick up the Morph Ball upgrade, you’re met by a wall and have to go back to the right to proceed to the actual game.

  • Frady

    What is the game at :23 sec

    • Lord Milkman

      Either Rocket Knight Adventures(Genesis) or the sequel Sparkster(SNES/Genesis). I don’t remember there being a large graphical difference, so it could be either one without seeing more of the screen.