Chrono Trigger Intro Remake [ VIDEO ]

Overall, this is really impressive. I just wish that character renderings were a little better. The lines are to thick and have they were just ran through a filter. Should really have thinner lines and have more of a traditional cel-animation feel. Nonetheless, what I watched was still rather impressive.

source: YouTube
via: Kotaku


  • Armane

    “2D Character Artist”
    Were they going for that awful heavily filtered emulator look then?

  • Jao


  • Amethyst

    I’m not really impressed. It looks too clean and sterile. The graphics are part of the game’s charm.

  • Viertel

    The 3D textures and actual environment looks amazing. Character sprites? Not so much.

  • Talyn

    Character sprites: Meh
    Backgrounds: Very nice.
    Music remake: Eh, was alright, lost some of the original charm.

    Special notes: Criminal to have removed the multiple-image effect on the flying machine transitioning times.
    The bike race scene was GLORIOUS.

  • Kal

    not that impressed

  • Fox

    Shut up, Square and take my f*cking money!
    If it were real, actually. But I think it won’t be as real, as the Chrono Trigger: Resurrection wasn’t.