What You Didn’t Know about Chrono Trigger [ VIDEO ]

Chrono Trigger is one of those games where I do not have a desire to see it remade. True, they did update the game for the original PlayStation with cutscenes added in, but it came at the cost of additional load time. The Nintendo DS version of the PlayStation game eliminated the load time, but kept the cutscenes. That pretty was cool.

That said, a full modern remake in the same vein as what Square-Enix is planning for Final Fantasy VII does not sound appealing to me. It works in all of its original overhead pixelized glory. I don’t think a 3D version would do anything to improve on that. But that’s just my opinion.

source: YouTube


  • Saulo Ottoni

    There was a nice 3D fanversion being brewed, but it was shut down by Square-Penix.

    They had promised to keep the original fun and quirks of the SNES/PSX texts and the original names for things (the DS version changed too many things, much to my sadness).

    Maybe you’re right, a remade/revamped version is not to be.

    • Kintrex

      Most of the DS changes were to make it more accurate to the Japanese version. I for one, prefer Frog to speak like a noble knight rather than a language-butchering buffoon.

  • SorataYuy

    The problem with the load times on the PSX version was because some utter “genius” decided that instead of having a fully-translated version on the game – they would have it be constantly running a translator. It’s amazing no one realized this was a BAD FUCKING IDEA before it ever got to the “put it on discs and send it out” stage.

    • pierski

      Is that the same reason the NES and SNES Final Fantasy ports ran so slowly on the system, as well?

      • Kintrex

        I heard that was true for FFV, so it probably was for the others, too.