Angry Video Game Nerd: The Saga Continues… [ VIDEO ]

I’m posting this video for two reasons. One, it deserves to be shared because it is interesting piece. And two, I haven’t finished watching it yet. So my idea is that by having it here I won’t forget to finish it.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Saga Continues...

As I said it is an interesting video, but it is also Angry Video Game Nerd. So it may be considered NSFW because of language, unless you want to put headphones on and then you should be fine.


  • Da Mighty Camel

    Super Star Wars… yeah that was one hell of a game trilogy. Few games have made me so frustrated but damn they were fuuuun.

  • PorkRoll

    I can’t be the only one this guy rubs the wrong way. Yeah, he’s occasionally funny, but his constant stream of cursing is so forced and desperate that I can’t watch him for long.

    • The Burger

      well he has toned down the swearing recently

      • PorkRoll

        That’s good because he actually is a very talented guy and genuinely funny. But swearing is a lot funnier when it’s used sparingly for emphasis (Yahtzee comes to mind). Constant swearing from comedians is usually a sign that they’re insecure about whether they’re funny, so they swear for cheap laughs. Kind of the equivalent of Ben Stiller always making moronic faces rather than just being his funny self.

  • Metal C0Mmander

    Very as usual from the nerd(I don’t care wath PorkRoll said.) And he certainly is right. Star Wars games nowday usually do have it right.

    That’s not buffalo shit, that’ bullshit.

  • Oh god, Shadows of the Empire was my first star wars games, and, while it’s not on my top ten anymore, it still lands in…oh…the top 25.