Family Car [ IMAGE ]

On Monday, I was driving on the interstate and I saw one of those family car decals/stickers that you see on the back windows. I made myself chuckle by imagining one with Mario, Princess Peach and her seven mushroom retainers from the original Super Mario Bros.. I wanted to share it, but I felt it deserved a little more effort than just a car with stickers slapped on it. So I created this image above.


  • John Strider

    I can spot an E. HONDA, Napierski.

  • Zombat

    Oh god an original comic, can it be?

    These stickers remind me of when pilots would paint little iron crosses on their planes to indicate how many german planes they shot down.

  • chetario

    You should make one for Princess Peach & Bowser

  • yue

    Is… peach driving?

    • David

      Well it’s her car. =P

    • Whaaaaaaaaaaa

      She drives a mean go kart, so why not an actual car?

    • The Man in Black (Bill Silvia)

      What side of a Japanese (or Mushroom Kingdom) car is the steering wheel on?

  • Jsuelieta

    And this is where people realize there are seven little toads always flipping people behind that car off. I mean, really, look at ’em! They’ve all got that middle finger up just like they did in Super Mario Bros, adding that little bit more insult to when they tell you you just did all that work in that world for a consolation prize.