Character Branding [ IMAGE ]

While I was searching on Google, I looked at their logo and then the word Moogle popped into my head. After that, I started thinking of what other characters could have company logos re-branded for them, pinged my buddy M.J. for an assist and here we are.

Had a lot of fun putting these together. Reminds me a lot of when I did the anagrams a while back. But I know I barely scratched the surface of possibilities. If you can think of any others, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section below.


  • Agrona

    What logo is the Tonberry supposed to look like?

    • Burberry.

      • Lorena

        is it sad that i want that graphic on a tee?? haha. where could i inquire about getting that i wonder …

  • Seth

    Nice to know I’m not the only one whose mind tends to jump from ‘Google’ to ‘moogle’.

  • Michael c.

    I figured out all but Belmont, Tonberry (reading the comments did that one) and Bowser Jr. on my own. Me mum helped me on the Bowser Jr. one, so that just leaves Belmont, which looks elusively familiar. So what’s that one? :)

    • Shadowmaru

      That one’s Dupont

    • Senso

      Bowser Jr. is Carls Jr… and Belmont is Dupont (also already answered in the comments.

      • Michael c.

        Yeah, Carls Jr. was why I asked my mom. We lived in California once, so she’d know what it was, but I was all of 3 and a half when we left, so I sure wasn’t going to know that logo.

  • Jarrett

    Roomba – Goomba: except roombas don’t really have a brand logo :/

    I’m sure I’ll think of a real one later

    • Jarrett

      Quaker Oats and Quake

      replace the Quaker with a strogg or something like that

    • Jarrett

      raytheon and rayman could be combined. Just type in rayman in the ratheon logo font.
      7-up and 1-up. replace the red dot with a green mushroom

    • Jarrett

      Luna Bar and Yuna (FFX)
      Samsung and Samus
      Fujitsu and Yoshimitsu maybe

    • raficus

      You could always use “iKoopa” for “iRobot” above the plain-lettered “Goomba” to make it more obvious.

  • Boss

    That E. Honda one is great, t-shirt where!?

    • I agree. I would wear many of these on shirts. Especially E. Honda.

    • Shaows

      The back of the shirt should have a screenshot of the car smashing challenge from SF2, just for laughs.

  • Kasaix

    Best Buy becomes Might Guy from Naruto.
    Chevron becomes Chevron, the symbols on the Stargate.

    Can’t think of any more at the moment.

  • ###

    Mario is a blockbuster for sure

  • siegreyu

    I’m sorry, but this comic has gotten extremely lazy writing wise. I mean, the last one was just a republish of a really old joke, and now a unch of slightly changed logos with no real joke of any sort? It would be one thing to show a little snippet of what their company would look like in comparison to it’s orginial, but this is nothing.

    For example: a Subway where all the options are ice. Perhaps food shaped ice, but ice nontheless. Or a sonic where, instead of rollerskates, they just roll out to you, and the horrific end results of such.

    • Kren

      “a Subway where all the options are ice. Perhaps food shaped ice, but ice nontheless. Or a sonic where, instead of rollerskates, they just roll out to you, and the horrific end results of such.”

      … yeah, that’s just retarded. This is much more amusing.

  • These are brilliant. You would make a ton of money on the Shell, E. Honda, Sonic, and SubZero ones alone if they were shirts.

  • Addison Whitney

    These are great, I really like the Sub Zero and Sonic ones. I tried to think of some others; here they are….

    Dominos —> Marios
    Apple —-> Mario Level Up Mushrooms or Toad
    Coca-Cola —-> Counter Strike

  • H3xx

    Goldman Sachs could be Golden Sacks with a picture of Wario.

    Hummer could be Dunmer from the Elderscrolls.

    D-Link wouldn’t even need to be changed. just the logo with navi saying Hey Listen!

    • H3xx

      Ooh, one more. The Big Brother logo -> Big sister. Instead of a house, put a dome from rapture. Or Big Daddy. Whichever one.

  • Sixclaws

    Ha! Belmont was into cigarretes before he was into vampires

    BTW, these darn beach kids are trying to steal his vampire killer

  • Vortex

    … I’m sorry, but I seriously can’t call that a “comic update”…

  • Jeff

    As a free consumer of this content, I don’t see why anyone would complain about what gets posted. The creator of the strip is free to draw and post whatever he thinks will amuse his readers or just amuses himself.

  • SOfi

    You know moogle actually exist >.> its an information sharing site set up for students and teachers.

    • smartazjb0y

      I think that’s Moodle.

  • chibibo

    I know people have suggested t-shirts with a single one of these on the front, and figured I’d drop in with a vote for a tee with the full set: I know I’d choose that over any individual one.

    As for other suggestions… Star Fox Coffee? The princess or whatever it is in the middle of the Starbucks logo could be replaced or redesigned into the Star Fox insignia.

    • Chimericist

      Star Fox Coffee – Genius! How has this been missed. Also: Star Fox News.

      FedEx -> DeusEx
      White Castle -> Another Castle

      There have to be more for just about any widely recognizable logo. I’m thinking there have to be ways to do this with General Electric, UPS, 4chan…

  • Nobody-You-Know

    On*Star – Gunstar
    Kellogg’s – Balrog’s
    Gorton’s – Gordon’s (Freeman)
    Hard Rock(Man) Cafe…?

  • Matt

    I would like it if the logo’s were on individual t-shirts. That way the logo can be as large as possible.

  • banjo2E

    Charmin -> Charrmin (Guild Wars)