Calculated Risk [ COMIC ]

I honestly believe at this point in my life, I have quit being able to call myself a collector and have now turned into a video game hoarder. Once you look in your “collection” and realize that you own multiple copies of Shaq Fu, there is time to seek professional help.

Still, my daughters are getting interested in video games. They like the Mario, watching me play Final Fantasy games (and pointing out when I am back in an area I have already been) and have fun helping me out when I’m stuck on puzzles that are apparently easy enough for a child to solve. So then maybe I am doing this to leave onto them…Or at least that is what I will keep saying to myself next time a copy of Shaq Fu* magically appears in my house.

*Just wanted to note for the record that I only own two copies of Shaq Fu, but that is still two copies too many.

Update: Here is a companion piece to this comic.