Calculated Risk [ COMIC ]

I honestly believe at this point in my life, I have quit being able to call myself a collector and have now turned into a video game hoarder. Once you look in your “collection” and realize that you own multiple copies of Shaq Fu, there is time to seek professional help.

Still, my daughters are getting interested in video games. They like the Mario, watching me play Final Fantasy games (and pointing out when I am back in an area I have already been) and have fun helping me out when I’m stuck on puzzles that are apparently easy enough for a child to solve. So then maybe I am doing this to leave onto them…Or at least that is what I will keep saying to myself next time a copy of Shaq Fu* magically appears in my house.

*Just wanted to note for the record that I only own two copies of Shaq Fu, but that is still two copies too many.

Update: Here is a companion piece to this comic.


  • Cody Shiranai

    You can live through your daughters and make them… errr gently persuade them to play the games you too wish to beat.

    • The goal as parents is to teach our children which games are actually worth finishing.

      • bidoopoo

        “The goal as parents is to teach our children which games are actually worth finishing.” – Steve Napierski

        The fact that this isn’t chiseled into the side of each brick and mortar videogame selling establishment is appalling.

        • Nomotos

          That’s because only 2-3 games come out a year that fit those credentials. Brick and mortar places need more than that, or else they’ll have to result to becoming pawn shops…o wait…

  • Morbox

    Whooooa…hold it right there. An original comic? I mean, the topic sure isn’t original, but still!

    • Anonymous

      I know, right? It’s been so long, I was having withdrawal T.T

  • Jnite

    Stupid backlog. I still got PS2 games I haven’t played. Heck, I’ve got PS1 games I’ve bought off PSN that I haven’t played. Plus I have a 360 and Wii…. and Steam….

    To make matters worse I’m slightly a perfectionist so I like to do everything I can (secrets, side missions, trophies). Plus I like games like RPGs (90+ hours for a single game) and hack’n’slash games like Dynasty Warriors (9001+ hours).

    • Anonymous

      My backlog is mostly DS games…I’m hoping my eventual backlog of 3DS games doesn’t become as large…

  • magicianfairy

    “I can download a port of Chrono trigger onto my vita?” Because the snes, ps1, ds, copies aren’t enough. And i’ve gotten every possible item/sidequest/ending on each of them.

    The cycle continues.

    • TZer0

      I went through on snesbox and got all the possible endings for Chrono Trigger. (Recently installed SNES on my old Sony Phone. Started FF III and Earthbound) I remember the first time I beat the game. Me and a buddy rented it, my dad got us snacks and a bunch of Chinese food. We played for two days fueled on MSG and caffeine to beat it. So much fun.

  • Heartless

    There´s a sale for the PS3/PSP/VITA Versions of FFI to IX right now (+Tactics and Dissida, not counting III) so i now have even another copy of them to play…i´m never going to finish my original VITA games it seems…i hope i can get one or two FF finished before X finally arives ;)

  • BigLord


  • PrinceJonathan

    “Why the hell am I on Steam buying more?!”

    I’m wondering how the hell you can even see the damn computer screen.

  • This is me. My collection of game has recently gotten over 1500 titles over various systems.