You Can’t Afford Me!!! [ VIDEO ]

Things like this are why you always start off with different trainers in every brand new Pokémon installment in the series.

source: YouTube


  • yue

    that is one angry magikarp… you’d think with all the people not even giving it a second glance, he’d be used to it.

  • Jnite

    And after all of that buildup, she wakes up to the Magicarp harmlessly splashing on her. Because it’s still only a Magicarp.

    This was the best (only) Magicarp related video I have ever seen. Making sure to save this.

    • Corey

      You mean you’ve never seen the Splash Attack?

      • Jnite

        It’s been a while since I’ve seen that. I know I got it saved on my computer somewhere.

        Magicarp is the Joker of the sea. Bringing comedy to the internet. Not to be confused with the Joker fish from Batman TAS.

  • Tokoshoran

    People always seem to forget that a Magikarp learns Tackle. Just imagine a fish flopping into you. That would faint any pokemon.