Video Game Behaviors are Creepy in Real Life [ VIDEO ]

You’re going to have to bare with me here… Okay, I’ll admit that he “might” not know how long that roasted chicken had been sitting in that trashcan, but it was cooked. So it’s not like he’s going to be eating it raw. Geez… Besides that, everything else looked normal to me.

source: YouTube


  • Armane

    They didn’t mention the most obvious one; stalking people like in Majora’s Mask.

  • I’m sorry, I can’t let this video go.
    1. Hoarding canned goods – people ALREADY do that. In case of blizzard, or power loss, or flood, or a thousand other reasons depending on where you live.
    2. Skipping Dialogue – I cannot stand when people do this. Only assholes skip dialogue in a game. The dialogue is put in there to help you. That said, if they had put “saying the same thing to somebody no matter how many times they walk up to you (as many NPCs will), I’d have agreed.
    3. Eating random stuff you find lying around – I agree with this one.
    4. Escort missions – people are paid to do this in real life. Not to mention babysitting.
    5. Okay, the puzzle solving is funny, even though you only rarely do this type of puzzle in a room with other people. If they had a bigger budget for this video, I’d have liked to see the type of puzzle where every switch opens and closes half a dozen walls.
    6. Eh…they put it into funny context, but people tend to do this as well. Like the other day when I was making stew.
    7. Ever touching an ocarina, because anybody who plays musical instruments ever is creepy?
    8. Gathering resources – strange way to word it, but if every entry on this list was like that, I’d have no complaints.
    9. Stealth – not even commenting on this cause it’s clearly a joke about one game.

    • Alexander

      I’ve found several problems with 4. A. the person you escort usually asks you to, which is why you’re doing it in the first place. B. There’s usually an ACTUAL REASON for said escorting. Said reason is usually along the lines of “the area is full of monsters that want to kill and/or eat me.” From what the video showed, there was no danger along the way at all whatsoever (except the danger of tripping, I guess) C. The escortee wasn’t stupid enough.

      As for the stealth one, I agree with you. Stealth is only considered creepy if people actually know you’re doing it, and if people know you’re doing it, then you’re doing it WRONG. The MGS box thing would actually work if you only move when there’s nobody around to see you, and only stop moving in places where a box would normally be.