Today’s Sounds Ain’t Got the Same Soul [ VIDEO ]

After watching the video I felt that The Legend of Zelda audio was okay overall, you’ll see what I mean by “overall”, but Arkanoid is extremely annoying. Also, the lack of any background music was a little disorienting. Nonetheless it does make for an interesting video overall.

source: YouTube
via: Kotaku


  • BigLord


    Seriously, that was worth watching just for the Pacman part xD

    • jnite

      I would pay for a version like that :)

  • Marcus

    The Zelda one is pretty much exactly what Zelda’s Adventure on the CD-i was.

  • Jaybonaut

    Actually, other than the missing music, I liked them all much more than the originals.

    • sgotsch

      you really do? :O

  • LunarAura

    Today’s Sounds Ain’t Got the Same Soul
    I got that old time bar-rel roll

  • Paul

    Actuall, I wouldn’t mind Tetris sounding like that. Pretty awesome really.