Shit Gamers Say to Their Girlfriends [ VIDEO ]

I would never say any of this stuff to my girlfriend. On the other hand, saying it to my wife is a completely different story.

source: YouTube
via: Gamefreaks


  • HaroldO

    Getting non-gamers to understand that you can’t pause an online multiplayer real-time game has always been biggest problem.

    • Clidebytor

      This is true, however non-gamers don’t care about the game or the fact you can’t pause it

  • PorkRoll

    “Now your arm doesn’t get tired…” LOL

  • I feel bad. I’ve said these to my hubby before… most notably the ‘suck my dick’ one…which was awkward…

    • Phaelin

      Didn’t realize you were a DA fan. Cool! Love your work!

      Also, mine has pulled that one on me before. Much blushing resulted.

  • Emj4ye

    SoML! I think I’ve said all of those things to my hubby as well, particularly “God, you’re a noob!” >< It's a good thing love is unconditional.

  • Nekozilla

    the one banging his girl yelling “Fus Roh Dah” made me chuckle.

  • Beemo

    its HuskyStarcraft, sw33t and soo true