Scribblenots [ VIDEO ]

Today’s comic is not an actual comic, but instead a video. If you can’t see the video above or you’re viewing this via the rss feed, here’s the link to it’s YouTube home:

I already did a Scribblenauts comic. And honestly, I think that strip is awesome. Self-deprecating humor is definitely one of my favorite forms of comedy. So instead of doing another Scribblenauts comic, I decided to do a Scribblenauts video.

Besides that, I’m pretty much spent. I’m heading up to SPX next weekend, so if anyone wants to buy something from the store, now is a good time. Not just because the extra fundage would help, but because I have no idea what inventory will be left after the con.

See you Monday…


  • lol!
    That was pretty good. I lol’d at just reading “Skanky Ho”

  • The Anarchyz

    For some reason when i looked at the handy cam i thought you were gonna put “Paris Hilton”, but hey, this is close enough XD XD

  • Wonder how long it will be until Ebaum’s World steals this video….

  • You’re going to be at SPX as well? Wow, it’s like my entire comic-roll is there this year. I’m gonna need to take out a loan or make a few ATM trips…

  • @Fortran Yeah, I’m bringing the Bored and Evil crew with me as well.

  • Holy crap that’s hilarious, LOL!

    I wish they had copyrights in the game, I just noticed much of the fun is lost in that manner :(

  • Uh-oh… Kanye has discovered DA:

  • Ian

    Sheer awesome!

  • A.L.

    That was sheer genius.As soon as I saw the Skank Ho I knew what it was xDD.

  • weirdguy


    You sort of missed an opportunity to use an obscure joke and kill both of them with a giant.