Real Life First Person Shooter [ VIDEO ]

Freddie Wong makes some awesome videos and his YouTube channel is definitely a worthy of a subscription. But his latest video, Future First Person Shooter, is so accurately brilliant that I had to repost it here. Video after the fold.

source: YouTube


  • Nuckel

    Well, he chose one awkward playermodel…

    No, seriously now, this clip is an accurate drift on multiplayermode of the Modern Warfare-Games. Hm, is Doom still the only movie that features a distinct FPS sequence so far?

    • Sakimori

      I recall hearing somewhere that The Beach (with DiCaprio) had a first-person sequence. Don’t know it it was a shooting sequence, though. Never seen the movie myself.

      • Wasn’t a first person shooter but a drug induced third person platformer.

  • That video is NOT ACCURATE!
    It has roughly 0.01% of the amounts of Teabags done in an actual FPS games.