Professional Gamer in Action [ VIDEO ]

This man is a eunuch. There is no other explanation.

If he was straight, there would be no way he could ignore the ladies pining for his attention. If he was gay, he would at least notice their outfits. Eunuch is the only option.

source: YouTube
via: Reddit


  • Bob

    He knows that they will stop paying attention to him the moment he pays attention to them :d

    • Ryu

      “Exactly. This. Fuck those bitches, no one needs that shit. Even if those girls actually wanted his attention, any girl that clings to you only when you’re in the middle of something is going to be a pain in the ass.”

  • theycallmetomu

    The ads for that video: “date sexy foreign women.” lulz.

    • thewood

      Actually I had 2 dating foreign girls sites and 1 “Check arrest records” site! I guess you should check their records before you import a hot Ukrainian or Polish chick.

  • Boots

    I agree.

  • BaloogyMcBoy

    Yeah, because men have no self control unless they’re eunuchs, proof enough!

    Anyway, could be staged, he could be really into the games, gay, asexual etc

    • Its probably staged, but for a guy to be near cleavage and not look…Are we really going to have that argument?

      • thewood

        The deadpan look on his face says to me “If I get top score they will have sex with me!”, I think he’s just desperately trying to win and get laid.

        Also, I’m pretty sure it’s staged, especially the one scene where she’s actually standing between him and the screen and he still doesn’t lose. Arcade games are hard enough to win when your view of the screen isn’t blocked!

        • DaJuan

          She never actually blocks the screen (though the angle makes it seem that way), and none of them ever pull at his arms despite laying their hands on him. They’re not there out of admiration. They are legitimately trying to make him lose his focus and fail at whatever record/highscore he is trying to beat. Good looking women hired by the competition as a means of distraction. Happens quite a bit in LANs where there isn’t mass media watching the place. His concentration on the game isn’t him being non-interested or a eunuch, it’s him saying “Your cheap tactics will not work on me.”

  • Stepharneo

    He’s gaming hard!

  • Phaelin

    Man at South Korean ladies and their plastic surgery! It’s crazy.

  • ThisIsNotDan
  • Christian T.

    This reminds me I’m lonely