Nick Arcade’s Extreme Reboot [ VIDEO ]

Everyone remembers Nickelodeon’s game show Nick Arcade, right?!

Want to hear me rant? Sure, we all do. So, back in summer of 1990 the Nintendo World Championships came to Norfolk, VA. I attended the event and actually did quite well in the competition. Technically I was in the top 5 for my age group in the area… technically. Problem being that when they called the top five players to compete on stage, I got shafted because they called someone with a lower score than myself up instead. Somehow my score got neglected and I never got a chance to compete for the top honor in the area. Nor against the master himself, Thor Aackerlund, if by some good grace I would have actually beaten the other four players in the area that scored higher than me.

I remember at the time being pretty upset, but in hindsight it does make for an interesting story to share.

source: YouTube
via: Dorkly