Mega Man 10 – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy [ VIDEO ]

I’m a huge fan of the Mega Man series. I own almost every Mega Man game that was released in the west on the original format they were released on. But for some reason the inclusion of Easy Mode in Mega Man 10 seriously rubs me the wrong way.

Part of the fun of original Mega Man series (the numbereds) is the challenge. You battle through a level learning the enemies locations, knowing when to jump and trying to defeat that stage’s boss with your basic mega blaster or any of weapons you’ve acquired from the previous stages robot masters. If you can’t defeat the boss with that weapon, you leave and try another stage. It’s a lot of trial and error and does actually require some sort of skill and forethought. And there was no Easy Mode… until now.

Easy Mode takes the challenge factor out of the game. “But Steve (that’s my name) they just included it to attract a larger audience.” So what!? Look, the people that would have wanted to play this twenty-three year old franchise would have played it by now and those who you might attract play this installment will probably be turned away from the lack of dumbed down levels and mentally challenges enemies in the previous incarnations. Also, the inclusion of an Easy Mode might also tempt those who would be willing to overcome the challenge of the game to be swayed to a much more wussified experience.

All I’m saying is that there’s other Mega Man spinoffs: The Battle Networks, the Star Forces, the ZXs… Let one of them be the Mega Man for the weak, but leave the numbereds (and the Xs) to the purists. And while you’re at it, update the graphics too. These things look like they were developed for the NES ;)

Update: The video has made it onto Joystiq and GoNintendo. I love the comment that JC Fletcher makes about the video on Joystiq, “Dueling Analogs‘ take on the new Easy Mode, in which the cartoonist does his very best to make you feel ashamed of ever considering it an option.” Ah, loving this! :) I really wish you guys could see the smile on my face right now.


  • “And while you’re at it, update the graphics too. These things look like they were developed for the NES.”

    Irony? Please let it be irony…

  • Shinigami

    I have felt more accomplishment with this series then with anything new.
    Easy mode would make me “Rage” as our 4chans friends say

  • Maybe if the soft, coddled, and weak so-called “hardcore” gamers hadn’t whinged inside out about how hard Mega Man 9 was we wouldn’t have been given an easy mode (note: the preceding is probably not true but I’ve found people who use the “hardcore” label to be among the gamers who need their hands held by a game the most). But the thing is, nobody is forcing anybody to use Easy Mode, so really what’s the big deal? This is like getting angry that there’s an easy mode for Doom. And this would not be the first Megaman game to do this anyway, Mega Man Legends had the ability to change difficulties…after you beat it…but the point is it was there.

  • Dirk

    So let’s distill this argument:

    1. Limit your audience until you go bankrupt
    2. I will fondly recall games I played before the state of the art progressed to a point where multiple levels of difficulty could be offered in a game
    3. Success!

  • Lord Milkman

    It may not have been labeled as such, but Megaman 2 had an “Easy” mode… It was called Normal. Evidence that this is an Easy mode? Simple, the bosses take TWO bars of damage from a normal shot. Most enemies also deal redonkulously low damage, to boot. The instant death traps are practically the only dangerous things left in the game on Normal.

    Play the game on the Wily Wars compilation on Genesis and you’ll see that there’s no difficulty setting… and you’re not playing in “Normal”.

    Regardless of it having been done before, I also can’t say that I see the point of doing it now.

  • These games require a very small production budget and honestly one person could develop almost all of the game themselves… especially when you take into consideration that so much of the sprite, sound effects and engine have already been built.

    Honestly, the video I put together is not that far from the truth. It’s like playing bumper bowling, unless you’re under 10 you’re not getting any sense of accomplishment from the game.

    Besides, Mega Man 9 did quite well without an Easy Mode.

  • Dash

    I couldn’t agree more. Part of the charm of the old games was the (incredible) challenge. Actually, I don’t think I ever beat the first two, but dammit, I came close.

  • Easy Peasy Lemon Pie!

    Isn’t half of the point to keep EVERYTHING, including the graphics like it was back in the days, so that the oldtimers can get a nice retro-kick of it, while still playing new stuff… >_>
    Easy mode goes a bit against that, I have to agree, but you would still get the retrokick from the music, graphics etc :P

  • MarthKoopa

    Easy mode is bogus… but the last line there, STEVE, just made me hate you and I’ll never come back here again.

    8bit graphics for life. Capcom TRIED updating the graphics for Mega Man games with X7, X8, Powered Up, and Maverick Hunter, THEY FAILED MISERABLY and butchered the Mega Man name with them. 2D sprites for life, you OMG UPDATE THE GRAPHICS ALREADY kids need to shut the fuck up and learn to appreciate the beauty of 2D.

  • Shiratzu

    Completely agree with this. The entire reason that I go back to the old style games time and time again is because virtually all of the new games are too damn soft to be considered a challenge anymore. I thrived off getting my ass handed to me, because it gave me a reason to go back and kick the crap out of the game.

  • FireDrake

    I’d be willing to bet that anyone here who has played Mega Man 2 has played a Mega Man game on Easy mode. The US version of the game had a difficulty selector at the beginning: “Normal” and “Hard.” The Japanese version had no difficulty selector, and the gameplay difficulty was the same as playing the US version on “Hard” mode. Stop complaining. If you don’t want to play on Easy mode, don’t play on it. If the game is too easy on the hardest difficulty, use only the megabuster. I don’t plan on playing Easy mode but if someone is new to the series, I think it makes sense to let them acclimate to the game.

  • MarthKoopa

    Mega Man 2’s “normal” mode didn’t take the effort to hold the player’s hand through the entire game by placing platforms over every spike, it simply altered the health levels. The platforming was the same.

    I have never played MM2’s “normal” mode. I didn’t start with Mega Man games until 5 and didn’t seriously play them until X and 7, and didn’t play the first four until the anniversary collection, which at that time I had known “normal” actually meant “easy”

  • FireDrake

    Agreed, it didn’t alter any of the level layouts, however it did alter enemy behaviors. Many enemies had behaviors that would activate when damaged. The megabuster in the “Normal” (easy) difficulty did so much damage that many of these enemies died in one hit, so the only way you’d be able to see the alternate behavior is if you struck them with a weaker weapon, such as the Metal Man sawblade. (Two specific examples: The block tower enemies would split on the first hit, and the snail enemies would throw off their shell and start moving faster) And I guess I would’ve lost my bet, MarthKoopa. ;) All of this said, I still believe that players should have a choice to play games for the reasons they want to play them and Easy mode should allow for more of that. Admittedly, the reason I play Mega Man games is because of the challenge associate with them, but there are many games I will adjust the difficulty lower on because I don’t care about the challenge but want to experience the game (Many shooter games fall under this category for me.) If someone just wants to play through a Mega Man game to see what happens in the story, that’s fine by me, let them turn that difficulty down.

  • mikeszekely

    Grrr, options! And while we’re complaining, why does Halo have any difficulty besides Legendary? For that matter, why the heck do we need Pepsi for? We already had Coke!

    Honestly, if you want to be hardcore, then don’t play on Easy. But it’s just as dumb to complain about it being an option for some people as it was dumb for people to complain about the Super Guide in New Super Mario Bros Wii.

    As someone who’s played and finished all the original NES Mega Man games (and actually on the NES, back when the were new releases), I’ll be playing MM10 on the normal difficulty (although I’ll be secretly wishing that it’s not quite as brutal as MM9). But I’m certainly not going to complain that Capcom is giving people a choice to play an easier difficulty for people who weren’t raised on Mega Man the way I was.

  • MegasXLR

    So Steve, do you want us to get off your lawn while you’re at it?
    Easy mode exists. Don’t like it? Don’t use it, same as everything else in the universe you don’t like.
    It’s really quite elitist and bigoted to rail against something you nominally like, just because “those people” might also make use of it.

    The graphics are intentional. You seem to have missed the point on that.

    And if you seriously believe a project like this was done by one person, then you really have no idea what goes into game development.

    But mostly, what rubs me the wrong way is the fact you’re railing against an OPTION that’s in a game which hasn’t even been RELEASED yet.

    Save your venom and vitriol for when you actually play the game.

  • The purpose of the easy difficulty might be because of the fact that this game was more advertised then the others (obviously because of the fact that the older ones, are older ones) Having been advertised, the game will attract the younger players who may play the Starforce or Battle Network series having them think “Wow, Megaman! I wanna buy that game!” Having the easy difficulty would let them get used to this franchise before playing any more seriously. I could be thinking far beyond then what I should be. I’m just thinking like how I would’ve reacted back when I was a tot. I know Megaman NT Warrior turned me onto the Battlenetwork series ;P

  • @MegasXLR Sarcasm does not translate over the net. I get the whole graphics thing. Though I would personally rather that the game looked like Wario Land: Shake It! and still retained the side scrolling aspect.

    There were a few things that were new and impossible to accomplish on the NES in Mega Man 9. But overall the game was nothing more than a ROM hack. I’ve seen some of the hacked Mega Man ROMs and people have done some very interesting things with them. People who are usually no more than one person.

    And I’ve seen the footage of the Easy Mode. It’s not something that’s going to change drastically between the time of the video and release. It’s sad. An easy mode with slightly stronger weapons and/or fewer hits points for enemies is one thing. This version has covers for spike, missing obstacles and dumbed down bosses.

    This whole situation is like buying a motorcycle and getting training wheels with it for free. True you don’t have to use them. But you’ll always feel a little ashamed that you even got them in the first place.

  • FireDrake

    See… I don’t understand shaming yourself because of an option. A good motorbike could come with training wheels, pink sparkly handlebar tassels and a bell, and I’d buy it if they were removable. Would it make you feel better if you could BUY easy mode separate or something? I personally HATE getting micro-transacted out the wazoo, but I don’t know, maybe it would help cater to the hardcore.

  • peekaboo78

    Or you could quit whining, take the joke for what it is and move on…

  • FireDrake

    I love the joke, just not the critique. I appreciate the work that went into it as well, love the site, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. ;)

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Oh bunk. You might as well complain about easy mode in Fire Emblem. I played Mega Man 9 for all of twenty minutes before getting utterly frusturated and cursing the 10 bucks I wasted on it. By having relative difficulty settings-whether you want to call the easiest easy or normal (and if you call it normal, you can call the “normal” mode “OMFG I JUST SHIT MY PANTS”) you can give multiple levels of challenge, producing multiple games, so people like me-who appreciate the nostalgia but-for whatever reason-found MM2 to be easy and MM9 to be butt !@#$ingly impossible-and run on sentence.

    Seriously, what was my point again? I really shouldn’t have had those dashes there, they totally derailed my train of thought.

  • Majutsukai

    Oh christ, not this again.

    I don’t see how the inclusion of an easy mode in any way devalues the Normal and Hard modes. And frankly, it really DOES come off as stiflingly elitist to act as though it does.

  • David

    I’m normally the first person to get up in arms about the fact they haven’t made a game you couldn’t beat with simple, brute force since the 90’s but I can understand where they’re coming from with this.
    I think they would have got a lot of complaints from people who brought the game expecting a cute, retro remake. That’s not what the game is about but they know they’re going to get that crowd anyway. So rather than ripping them off and laughing at their mis-purchase they’ve thrown them a bone.
    The only condition I want on it is that most achievements/trophies/whatever aren’t unlockable on easy and the Dr Wily levels are cut down to produce a ‘lesser’ ending (giving me the real, full ending as a reward for playing on the proper “Capcom” difficulty level).

  • Lax

    The NT series are my favorite :D

  • A.L.

    I was hoping you were being sarcastic about the graphics thing anyway Pierski :B.I’m all for an easy mode as I am with any game that utterly punishes you when you slip up if just alittle (I’m looking at you Ghouls ‘n’ Ghost and Super R-Type),however I don’t want said easy mode to be so dumbed down that it would have been better suited if they just gave you a button to instantly kill the stage boss when you reach them.Like others have mentioned,I know alot of games of this day and age have options that actually help a game be easier,but at the same time with the flick of a couple of options,you can turn them off to experience the way you want to.This,however,doesn’t detract from the fact that many of the games we have now still won’t be your face off even on the regular difficulty,and I’m talking about stuff along the lines of Devil May Cry.

    In short,derailing lower difficulty options as far as I’m concern doesn’t degrade the quality of the game.What does is how the features of those options are implemented into the experience of the game.

  • Adam Rarnar

    Just another showing that everything is slowly being dumbed down for the masses, because we can’t seem to just educate the masses.

  • warmaster670

    Wow, an optional easy mode, what a worthless thing to whine about, dont like it? DONT PLAY ON EASY.

    Anyone whining about this needs to take a good long hard look at there lives, and how this will actually affect them.

  • gelugon2105

    Not exactly the kind of sympathetic responses that you were expecting, eh Mr. Napierski?

    But really, any wise person can see that Mega Man 10 is a money-grubber. Dirt cheap budget, Easy mode and hardly any new fresh IP for the numbered series are big hints that this game is being cranked out to milk the hardcore fans and the curious.

    Still, the worst thing that Capcom can do is mess up this game with glitches, bugs and the likes. Capcom’s reputation would take a nose-dive into concrete if this happens.

  • Jim

    Jeez, like anyone FORCES you to play on Easy mode. You keep just playing on normal and have your challenge, whoever wants it can play on Easy. I seriously fail to see the problem here…

  • draq

    lol so much rage. Capcom did it on purpose, they made easy mode INSULTINGLY easy. You’re supposed to feel bad playing it. Anyone who knows capcom can see they did it as a joke.

  • Technomancer

    I’d like to point out that IF (that’s a big IF) anyone were to include easy mode in a game, it should be done akin to the Mega Man Legends series. I know not everyone (read: almost no one) is a fan of these games, but they did the difficulty thing right – play through normal to unlock hard mode, and beat hard mode to unlock easy mode. Your reward for beating a more challenging version of the game is the ability to go back and play the game with comparatively god-like power.

  • Typhon

    It’s an option get over it etc. I agree. Putting the horse-beating bat away.

    I agree with the graphics in spite of the sarcasm, though. I thought MegaMan 7 and 8 were awesome games, and they got the graphical overhaul to match the newer consoles. You think that adding an easy mode is “catering to the masses”? Well, guess what? Using the old-school NES graphics is catering to the nostalgia-obsessed fanboys. No matter WHAT they do, it’s catering to some group or another. Then again, the games are cheap download titles. Hey, now THERE’S something to complain about; the series has degraded from major console releases to the console equivelant of the Newgrounds game portal. How about an amazing, full-budget console release, Capcom?

    I’d like to see a MegaMan with 2D sprites along the lines of Odin Sphere and Muramasa. It would maintain the classic 2D platforming, while reminding you why the old games look the way they do; they’re amazing, but they’re dated. Updating the graphics didn’t kill the games, anyway. Trying to do new things ever since MM2 and getting bashed for it is. They add a slide, Rush armors, a chargable buster… but everyone would rather have an MM2 clone with new robot themes. If you liked MM2 so much, you can always go back and play it, or ROM hacks. Playing retro has never been easier than it is today, with remakes, rereleases and emulators all over the place. We don’t need massive gaming juggernauts wasting their time trying to do it for us.

  • Trailfoot

    I used to be a hardcore gamer. I spent years completionist-ing RPGs, beating platformers through a combination of skills, trial and error, and raw determination, and memorizing perfect hiding places in shooters.

    These days, I have neither the time nor the patience for that. It takes an amazing game to get that kind of behavior out of me, and Megaman ain’t that game. I want the music and sprites and collecting weapons from a classic-style Megaman, but the Nintendo-hard style difficulty no longer appeals to me.

    Thank you, Capcom, for including that option.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I suppose I should amend my post by stating I have played on MM10s easy mode. I have no idea if it is insultingly easy. Come to think of it, I played Fire Emblem on normal mode and, while I kind of got annoyed by all the specialized techniques to level everyone up you essentially have to do just to keep pace, I seem to recall that the easy mode was a bit *too* easy. I suppose the real issue is that, if you are going to include an easy mode, it should still have enough difficulty that it’s a game. I mean, hardcore game players go for the hard mode. Those of us without the skills want a game that’s doable, like MM3 or something. I think. I forget which Mega Man games I played that I didn’t have a whole lot of trouble with. I seem to recall 1 being a major bitch, but I beat 2. Eventually. Some of the Wily levels were a PITA though. I’m not entirely sure why Airman ga taosenai…

  • Twilight Bard

    Well, I didn’t think 9 was that difficult overall <.< Going to catch flack from that, but remember in the 2 and 3 days where E-Tanks were precious? Not go farm a ton of screws and wander a level with an entire pack of them and max lives?

    Ok, but I digress. 10’s easy mode is…insulting, to say the least. Easy should NOT be handholding. 2’s ‘easy’ mode was fine, you could still screw up, but it was more the platforming which you had to learn…and this is true of ALL platforming games. Weaker enemies, weaker bosses..that’s fine with me, I could see myself playing that mode after I beaten normal on occasion.

    But seriously, this is a bit on the realm of insults that this was even put in. Putting platform on all of the spikes? Isn’t the platforming part of the fun of a Megaman game? Yes I know, I don’t have to play it if I don’t want to, but this is going kind of far to dumb the game down because people want their hands held. I just don’t understand it

  • Bahamut Dragons

    I didn’t finish Mega Man 9, which I contend it far harder than any of its predecessors, including Mega Man 1, all of which I have completed. It has a ton of pixel perfect jumps and such areas which I simply frustrate over and makes me hate the game. I’ve put well over 6 hours into this game and I just stopped because I knew even if I did manage to succeed, I wouldn’t feel successful, just have it be done with. I’m not getting enjoyment out of the game and to me, that’s what matters. Not the challange.

    Because there is an easy mode in MM10, I MAY buy it. It’s not assured, especially if it’s as hard as 9. I don’t like the easy mode, but at the same time, it’s not taking anything away from Normal and that’s what everyone should keep in mind. You’re not losing anything. There’s no reason to be insulted or whatever.

  • RockEsper

    Jesus, just shut the hell up and don’t play the easy mode if you don’t want to. I actually KNOW someone who is now going to buy the game because of the inclusion of the easy mode.

  • ~TK again
    Hmmm, maybe the problem is in the title. Perhaps we should call it training mode instead?

  • David

    @Typhon: Yeah, 7 and 8 were an awesome looking games. I’d love the option to switch between NES style graphics and a MM7 inspired HD setup (like Monkey Island: Special Edition on XBLA). I’d say MM8 HD but I don’t think it would be compatible with the NES mode.

  • Magugag

    This feels like an incredibly silly thing to whine about. It’s an option, one that you don’t have to choose and which in no way at all affects your playthrough of the game. Elitists annoy the hell out of me, and this is basically saying ‘I don’t want anyone who isn’t as good as me to play MY game’. What’s the point in limiting?

  • Ben

    Easy mode was in Mega Man 2, it was ridiculsouly easy but it’s been around for a while.

    Still gunna be playing on hard but this is a stupid thing to bitch about.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Well, we all make mistakes. I mean, if easy mode is as ridiculously easy as all these posts suggest, then I can see why it’s something someone would make fun of. But as I stated before, it’s not the existence of an easy mode that’s the problem, it’s how overly easy the mode is. That’s an important distinction to make IMO.

  • mike

    “those who you might attract play this installment will probably be turned away from the lack of dumbed down levels and mentally challenges enemies in the previous incarnations.”

    Typing a coherent sentence appears difficult for you. I think your keyboard needs an easy mode

  • Ok, first, that video was hilarious.

    Second, both parties are right here. True, it DOES make you sound a little elitist to complain, Steve, but your point is valid at the same time. I miss the old Mega Man games, and their harsh, brutal, unrelenting difficulty. Is saddens me to see this Easy Mode, and it just doesn’t seem right. I like the old-school graphics, but perhaps something like the first Megaman: Zero’s graphics would be more appropriate.
    All in all, nice work, though.

  • Shiratzu

    People raged on both sides…yeesh. The thing most people don’t realize is that most “elitists” aren’t really pissed simply because of the fact that they included easy mode. The fact is that most series that include an easy mode tend to make the games easier over time on all modes faster than games that don’t. I’ve dropped at least one series over this because there’s just no challenge in the games anymore.

  • Predator101

    Look if you don’t like Easy mode, don’t play on easy mode. I’m sick and tired of people bitching about extra features. If you ask me (yes I know nobody asked me.) it’s always good to have “the option”, like the option to skip a cutscene, or the option to customixe your character, or the option to play on a lower difficulty instead of being frustrated cause you can’t get through a certain part of the game. Not everyone has the time or the obsession to play through the same level dozens of times in order to get through it.

  • Daejien

    The Original Megaman Series doesn’t need an Easy Mode, Sure MM9 was hard, but the only thing I didn’t like is that you had to pay for the harder difficulties so if you didn’t have any additional money, you couldn’t get any more challenge from the game.