I Hope The Last Story is Only the Beginning [ VIDEO ]

The Last Story for the Wii which is being developed by Mystwalker, the same studio that developed Blue Dragon for the Xbox 360 (which I loved), is shaping up to be pretty awesome. Or at least the battle engine is. It seems a lot like a combination of Final Fantasy XII‘s engine, which I loved, mixed with Gears of War‘s. Needless to say, I’m excited about this unique combination. Video after the fold.


  • Kage

    Looks pretty cool.

    Does anyone else think that main character looks like Zack (FFVII)?

    • Yeah, I thought that as well.

    • Aria

      Eh, I must be the only one who doesn’t think he(Quark) looks anything like Zack. All they have in common to me is dark hair and the fact that they both walk upright. Anyway, he isn’t the main character. Elza is. Some sites seem to mistaken him for being the main lead.

  • kelsey

    Looks delightfully nerdy and promising. And that guy looks way too much like Zack

  • Looks really good. Any word on a North American release?

    • Seeing that it has a January 27th release date in Japan, I would guess sometime between April and June for North America.

  • The Anarchyz

    Well, it’s Hironobu Sakaguchi as Director and Nobuo Uematsu as Composer, so that portion must be great…

    Sakaguchi-san says that he’s working on this one as it was his last game and if this one doesn’t sell he will take a long break before another game, 13 years ago he mentioned something about his “final” game, and if that game didn’t sell he would quit videogames and return to college (that game was Final Fantasy)… Sakaguchi-san is a genius, but what a drama queen XD XD XD

  • spweasel

    This looks interesting, but honestly this is the sort of game where someone needs to actually play it before we’ll know if it’s amazing or crap. A bad control scheme, temperamental camera, weak level design, tedious resource management, or any number of other issues could quickly make this game nearly unplayable.

    Well, keep my fingers crossed, I guess. We still need more solid RPGs for the Wii (turn-based would be preferable, but anything would be nice at this point).