Bad Box Art Mega Man Enters the Ring [ VIDEO ]

I kid you not, the bad box art version of Mega Man from the original Mega Man game is going to be an exclusive playable character in the Sony (ie. Playstation 3 and PS Vita) versions of Street Fighter X Tekken. Can you say horribly awesome? Oh, yeah… There’s some “other” exclusive characters too, but probably no one you’ve ever actually heard of…

source: YouTube



    It’s slowly becoming Capcom X Namco…

    But I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t look awesome.

  • the difference between Mega Man and Rockman is only in the belly

    • Z2

      Not just that, Rock was initially designed as a kid. An adult looking Mega Man is just wrong somehow. He was initially raised like Dr. Lights kid after all, replace the cute kid robot with a fat man and that suddenly becomes really creepy. (but it probably validates a few fanfics) Also, there isn’t usually any yellow in Mega Man’s outfit.

      • thewood

        Like he said, it’s not the usual Mega Man, it’s the one from the box art of the original NES game. I own one, and it’s pretty accurate. He is an older guy with a laser pistol instead of a childish robot with a gun arm. Funny how that’s the version they decided to use, but it looks hilarious.

        • Torchman

          Ono had discussed with Inafune about using him before Inafune left. That was the result of the conversation, which was when Universe had yet to be cancelled.

  • pedant

    That, is not, how you use, a comma.

    • Akoi Meexx

      Unless, of course, you are William, Shatner.

  • Bill M.

    At least putting the MAN in Mega Man is understandable… why is Pac-Man riding a headless version of Gigantor? THAT is the truly bizarre entry here.