Complete Story Mode of Mortal Kombat 9 [ VIDEO ]

Standing at three hours and thirty-one minutes, this is definitely not for those looking for something quick, but if you’ve got some time it’s definitely worth watching. As of the time I am putting this post together, I am over an hour and a half through watching it myself. I’ll admit that some of the commentary is a little lowbrow at times, but overall it’s not bad and the majority of it is simply onscreen text. So it’s not as intrusive as you might think. Nonetheless, if you’ve got few hours to spare and you enjoy Mortal Kombat, I definitely recommend giving this a watch. Definitely worth it.

Update: I actually did finish watching the entire video last night, after I finished typing this post. It wasn’t bad. I’ve honestly seen a lot feature length theatrical films that didn’t have as interesting of a story as this did. Definitely worth the time.

source: YouTube