Classic Gameboy Micro Commercial [ VIDEO ]

I was reading an article on Kotaku today about their displease for the latest Nintendo commercial. When someone posted a link to old Nintendo Gameboy Micro advertisement. I know the Gameboy Micro came out over six years ago and this is anything but new, but I was losing it when I saw it and decided to share. Enjoy…

source: YouTube


  • Anon

    Got one new for 30€…. Yeay

  • Wow, I’m surprised Nintendo would give the green light to a commercial like this.
    Then again, I don’t recall having ever watched this one on tv.

  • nicktwolf

    From what I red this one is from Canada

    • I’m from Canada, and while I’m not 100% certain, I believe this did in fact air on television here.

      • nicktwolf

        Why do we have to wait for stuff like this to show up on youtube in America? This would be awesome to see on tv.

  • Robert M

    I never understood this gameboy micro, it came out after the DS but only played gameboy advance games.

    • ODDERZ

      The Micro was more of a console for those who didn’t NEED, but wanted. It’s a bit like how you don’t NEED a HDTV, but you want one, right?

      The Micro had the sharpest screen on any handheld console at the time, and it was far brighter than the DS, and it was metal so you could throw it to the other side of the room and still be intact. It was the size of a mobile phone, and looked awesome, and all the GBA games you played on it looked amazing thanks to the screen resolution… You didn’t need it, if you had any sense you would’ve already bought a GBA by the point this came out, but by God was it awesome. It was the only handheld console that you could actually put in your pocket and play whenever, and the sleep mode (which was pretty new at the time) was revolutionary.

      …Rant over, I love the GBM.


    The advert on Kotaku’s site is amazing compared to what we get in the UK. We get horrible celebrities from reality TV shows saying how the best thing about Pokémon is “TEH KYOOT CHARACTERSSSS”

  • Ryan

    They played an altered version of this in the US. I’m in Michigan, and I distinctly remember this maze with the gameboy micro and cheese. Pretty sure they cut out the more lewd bits and replaced it with patterns and game shots.