A Brief “Abridged” History of PC Games [ VIDEO ]

Looks like Polygon is at it again. This time they have moved away from consoles in order to give us a brief history of PC gaming. And while there are definitely a lot of major games left out of the video, it is rather impresses which ones they were able to cram into two and a half minutes of footage.

source: YouTube


  • Chaos

    The ending was rather abrupt and it felt like they spent too long in the retro stages, then suddenly ramped everything up way too quickly.

    • Stan

      Well, to be fair, our technology and graphical capabilities has advanced significantly in the past 10 years, while the retro years started in 70s. So, perhaps that was the maker’s intention. And the abrupt end might imply that there is more to come.

  • Smilomaniac

    Wow… that was one hell of a trip down memory lane.

  • Corco

    Why on earth was Borderlands in this video? It’s a pretty awful PC-port of a console game. :/

    • thewood

      I actually really enjoyed Borderlands on my PC. Played great and was very well done.

      • Corco

        I’m not saying that Borderlands is a bad game, I played it myself and liked it quite a lot, but the console versions were clearly superior to the PC-port. The menus were not properly re-designed for mouse+keyboard, the FoV was bad to the point of causing nausea to some players and the port also introduced silly bugs like items not showing all their stats.