What’s the Mana? [ COMIC ]

I love puns… especially bad puns. I thought of this joke while a coworker of mine was talking about WoW. I groaned thinking about it, he groaned after I said it and everyone else I told it to since has had the same reaction. So of course I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

Fun side note… when I was putting this comic together the characters were in full color. Not because I ever intended it to be a color comic, but because it was easy to color that way than just using similar shades of sepia. So all the character colors are pretty standard. The pants are dark gray, the shirts are white, the vests are vermillion and the hair is green. Yup, green. It was the color that showed up best after being converted. Though the entire time that I was putting it together, I was imagining the characters were Doc Samson wannabes.

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Lastly, as I stated in the previous comic, there will be an additional comic on Friday. Until then…