What if Little Gamers… [ COMIC ]

Little Gamers the comic everyone knows and no one reads (their words, not mine). Little Gamers is one of the webcomics that I’ve been reading the longest. It’s chock full of good old fashioned English-as-a-second-language Swedish gaming fun. I believe Little Gamers was the also the first site to link to the outer circle and is also a supporter of Dueling Analogs as well… thanks guys.

Here’s a link to a guest strip I did for them last February. If the strip seems like a little bit of an inside joke… well, you only have to jump back their second strip or buy Little Gamers Book #1 to get it. Or do both, I did.

Speaking of which, I pre-ordered Little Gamers Book #3 and that should be coming in the next few weeks.

And as far as Nokia, I hope all the rumors about the new N-Gage is nothing more than an April Fool’s Day joke two months early.