We Go Forward [ COMIC ]

This is the truth. As parents, we want to prepare our children for life and the obstacles that will need to overcome. We want our kids to succeed, where we ourselves might have faltered. Because no matter how much we would love to be there for them forever, we know that one day that won’t be the case.


  • Sigurther

    Now I’m sad.

  • Mapiss

    Right in the feels

  • Murderkarp

    You can’t see them, but they can see you. And they are proud.

  • oldtaku

    I thought it was cute that the guy who can jump further has Luigi’s colors.

  • Sabbo

    I’m mostly wondering where the guy got the materials to build the house with. It’s believable enough that he had the tent with him (even though we couldn’t see a bag), but there’s not really a way to fit a house like that.

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      I had a similar line of thought.

    • StingLikeALemon

      Well they never explained what happened to anyone else that came along during that time, maybe they had some materials, funnily enough it would also explain how they avoided starving to death