Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Charlie Brown [ COMIC ]

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a very good day and remember that the Grand Theft Auto V trailer comes out this Wednesday. That is all…


  • hobocrow

    lol love it

    • Chaotic_Blues

      Schultz would have approved!

  • NickNackGus

    Oak: “Let’s see. Someone took the grass type, Snivy, so you can’t have that. My water type, Oshawott, was also taken. That leaves you with the incredibly powerful fire type starter, Tepig. Well, too bad. Do you know how hard it is to find a starter Pokemon? How long I search for them, before giving them out to trainers? Do you REALLY think I give them out to EVERYONE? Take Geodude, a rock type. They’re a dime a dozen, found lying in most caves. Now don’t come back until you’ve got at least one gym badge.”

    • Guest

      Actually, Geodudes in Gen 5 are fairly rare. You can’t catch them until after you beat the game. And after some of the designs players got stuck with, there are plenty who would like an old, familiar Geodude for most of Black/White.

      • Jetstream

        What he said. Stop with the friggin’ Monkeys, Nintendo!

  • Chaos

    This was adorable, I love it!

  • SSLRranma

    You should have done “I got a Brock”. :(

    • You just won today. Have 10 complimentary dignity points :D

  • ed

    I love that Geodude is weak to both of them

    • Ell

      Not just weak, double weak. That’s a 4x multiplier right there.

      • ed

        I couldn’t remember whether grass hit rock for 2x damage or not

  • Erakir

    Hah, thank you so much for this. Great memory, heh.

  • You captured the style perfectly, Steve! Love it!!

  • You just brought me back to my childhood there. Great work.

    Schultz died the day his resignation strip aired. If he hadn’t, he could well have drawn this.

    y’know, if he were the kind of guy to do parodies

  • PorkRoll

    Your “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” made Fail blog:

  • Undrave

    Should have been a Roggenrolla.

  • tery153

    I know I am a little late, but MASSIVE PROPS ON THE ROCK’N ROLL RACING REFERENCE! Still have a copy of it along with a broken super.