Faster than a speeding bullet… [ COMIC ]

Look! I did a Sonic the Hedgehog comic and he’s not coming out of anyone’s anus ([1] and [2]). I had to scrap some of the original artwork that I did for this strip as I wasn’t happy with the design of Sonic and Tails. I decided to go for the more updated feel of Sonic Riders rather than the original designs. Not much else…

Though I am going to be taking pre-orders for the first Dueling Analogs‘ t-shirt next week. I plan on giving discounts for those that sign up first, plus free gifts and a chance to win prizes. Details will appear next Wednesday.

Lastly, major kudos to Hookie Dookie Panic! for their guest strip appearance on VG Cats. You are both envied and despised by your fellow webcomics. I congratulate you.