Achieve THIS! [ COMIC ]

The comic is inspired by this article I saw on Joystiq over the weekend. Basically, Raphael Van Lierop (Relic, 3D Realms) is complaining about Xbox 360 achievements.

Personally. I love achievements. I still play games to beat them, but it adds a little something to the experience. I’m willing to do a little more or try something I wouldn’t have tried before to get those extra achievements. Hell… as soon as I finish this posting I’m logging on to kill another ten thousand zombies and get the Zombie Genocider Achievement in Dead Rising.

[Update] Got it!

Look at it this way… in life there are people whom are competitive and there are those who just want to have fun. If you’re just in there for the fun, you just enjoy the games and go along for the ride. So it doesn’t really matter whether or not you get achievements or if they even exist because you’re not working towards them in the first place. But if you are competitive, then you want to beat the game and you want the bragging rights. And achievements bring this competition to a whole new level and I love it.

Here’s something cool to check out for both gamers and Star Wars fans alike. Its every Star Wars game ever made. Pretty cool, eh?

One last thing, I forgot to mention this which I saw on Digg. Its pretty damn funny.