95% Almost Brand New! [ COMIC ]

The PS3 is not being recalled! This is based on a phone conversation my wife had with her sister-in-law this morning. She thought the PS3s had been recalled, since she couldn’t find any. Apparently, she didn’t check any stores…

Originally I was going to be doing a Final Fantasy XII comic today, but things happened. Everything was already taking a little longer than normal since I was getting over the stomach flu. Then, around 4pm we had a major outage and lost internet access for another seven hours. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but since I needed stuff from the web to finish the comic I was put in a holding pattern. So rather than push the comic to late Tuesday night to finish it and push the rest of the schedule back, I decided to run the Final Fantasy XII next Monday and run this comic instead. I’ll be updating regularly on Wednesday, it just won’t be the Final Fantasy XII comic… sorry.