100% Approval [ COMIC ]

Jen Brazas, the creator of Mystic Revolution and today’s guest strip, is my knight is shining armor. Between some very time consuming home remodeling and a handful of time sensitive freelance clients, my available time this week is virtually nil. Fortunately for me the goddess, known as Jen Brazas, was kind enough to contribute a couple guest strips as well as some commentary for this week and save my ass.

Please make sure to visit her webcomic and show some support for this selfless effort.

Its true though! Once you get to 100% approval the romance is dead XD

To be honest though, I don’t really mind the “my dear” stuff as much as some, because to me, it seems kind of like at that point, you’ve been together for a long time so you’re past infatuation, and into something deeper. But still, it’d be nice if there was some of the “I’d do anything for you!” mentality that there is when you’re asking him stuff before you get to 100% XD

This comic features my other PC, Telemasca, the noble rogue! Who despite her noble origin, steals from the rich to get….richer! XD