Who Framed Roger Rabbit – The 3 Rules of Living Animation [ VIDEO ]

There is no medium that I have a great interest nor passion for than animation. I love it! If I had to chose between video games and animation, my hands would never touch another controller again. As of writing this post, I have watched six times now. kaptainkristian does great work and it resonates with me even more when it is a subject I love.

Check out this video. Check out his other videos. And enjoy…


  • Kevin K-Rock Rockhold

    Awesome video! Who Framed’ has always been a favorite of mine, and I think it still holds up extremely well in this day an age.

    Also, slight grammatical error fyi. First sentence i believe you meant to say ‘greater’ rather then great. No biggie, just figured I would drop a notice

  • Amethyst

    It’s kind of crazy that almost 30 years later, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is still the best mix of animation and live action ever. I never loved the movie that much as a whole (the story and characters annoy me), but there’s no denying that even today it’s a technical masterpiece. No one else has ever come close to that level of realism and believability in mixing the two mediums.