What You Didn’t Know about Rayman [ VIDEO ]

The Rayman 3D games weren’t bad, but for me the 2D Rayman games are the best.

source: YouTube


  • BigLord

    YES! Completely agree. REALLY couldn’t get into the 3D rayman games but the 2D ones are incredible and have an unique charm, a “je ne sais quois”, if you will.

    This is why it’s a crime I STILL haven’t played Rayman Origins :(

    • Z2

      Excepting the GBA port which I loathed, I had never played a Rayman game before getting Rayman Origins when it went majorly on sale in the 3DS store… and I absolutely loved it. Comparing it with other versions later, it really is one of the perfect handheld platformers… so yeah, you’re missing out.