What You Didn’t Know about Assassin’s Creed [ VIDEO ]

Having grew up in New Jersey as a kid and having actually visited Monmouth Mall countless times, hearing Monmouth pronounced /mōn-məTH/ and not /mōn-miTH/ was hilarious for me. It’s like when people outside of Hampton Roads try to pronounce Norfolk. That’s one of those names that if you pronounce it properly it neither sounds correct nor offensive. Not sure what I mean? Ask a local.

That said, Assassin’s Creed words something something

source: YouTube


  • Cody Shiranai

    OH MY GOD. Did you grow up in Monmouth County?! I’m from Monmouth County, New Jersey (grew up in Bradley Beach)!! I had the EXACT same reaction laughing as they mispronounce Monmouth.

    • Actually, I’m from Brick. But when we weren’t visiting Ocean County Mall it was Monmouth Mall we went to.

      • Cody Shiranai

        I lived in Brick for a time too! I forgot the name of the apartment complex, but it was over by the river because there was part of it running through the complex itself as well as a massive dirtbike trail people used to train for events with. It might have been called Waterside Apartments… hard to remember from childhood. Hell, I haven’t been in New Jersey for almost a decade now. Apparently there’s a Gamestop in Neptune now, and I thought to myself “Figures… only once I move away is a Gamestop finally close by instead of all the way in Eatontown”. (The Gamestop in Monmouth Mall of course).