Ultimate Retro Running Race – I and II [ VIDEO ]

Part one above and part two below.

source: YouTube, YouTube


  • BX-MAN

    God DAMMIT Ecco!

  • Phaelin

    There are too many things to love about this.

  • Tokoshoran

    I was thinking that they were forgetting Samus’s Speed Boost, but then she comes back at the end with it.

    Ecco in the second one… He can travel through time, so of course he’d win just as Marty did. It’d be interesting to see Samus do the shinespark, though, only thing capable of stopping that is SA-X’s own shinespark or screw attack.

  • Jaybonaut

    Meh, the second one is certainly better, but I didn’t care for the guy crediting himself with the animation.

    • Sensei Le Roof

      You realize that refers to the animation of the movie as a whole and not the individual sprites, yes?

  • Rererak

    Oh good too many comments came to my mind so here is several in one:

    Tetris Blocks totally should’ve won!

    Some people have apparently given up on the race (I’m looking at you Gambit)

    Oh man so many memories: Golden Axe, Busby, Worms! LEMMINGS!

    Poor, poor Kirby…