True Female Characters [ VIDEO ]

Anita Sarkeesian has released a new video in the Tropes vs. Women in Games series. If you follow anything gaming related you will probably see it posted today. I on the other hand decided to share an older video created by Extra Credits instead. Not necessarily discussing the exact same topic, but I really enjoy Extra Credits. I find their opinions to be more objective, more logical, less bias and definitely more entertaining.

source: YouTube


  • Ryu

    I, for one, thank you for not posting the ‘Tropes vs. Women’ video, that woman is insufferable.

  • Smintyd

    Really interesting stuff and very well argued. Personally I think Anita has a valid point and her videos are very well structured arguments but i wouldn’t call it “bias” as it is a feminist critique of characters, her gender has nothing to do with it if you get my meaning. If it were a man saying exactly the same stuff as her on a video people wouldn’t care as much.

    • Ryu

      I can say for sure, I don’t care whether she’s a man or a woman. I’ve seen plenty of misandrist males, too, and I find them just as useless. I don’t have positive thoughts on the feminist movement as a whole (not because of misogyny, I believe everyone’s equal, and the point is exactly that I said ‘everyone’ and not ‘women’), but Anita is one of the worst examples out there (in part, because she isn’t blatantly misandrist). She constantly misrepresents the media she argues against and battles strawmen while refusing to allow comments or counterpoints.

      I don’t want to start an argument for or against feminism here, anyone who thinks that will go well is a moron or new to the internet. I’m not even putting on my rage cap and railing against Anita. What bothers me the most is that people supported her ignorant series, they gave her money, and now there’s no reasonable outlet to decry her. In fact, I’m equally annoyed at the asinine feminist haters that insist on frothing at the mouth and threatening to violate women or telling them to ‘get back in the kitchen’, making it nearly impossible for men to fight this crap without being shot down as misogynists.

      Okay, to avoid just being the ‘anti guy’ here, I’ll address the actual topic at hand, the video that Steve actually provided us. It was well done because it did a very useful thing: it talked about what should be, while vaguely addressing what shouldn’t be. I still disagree a little about how it approached the ‘what shouldn’t be’ part, but it was otherwise very well done, and definitely from a more logical viewpoint.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Hooray for a single Persona 4 pic!

    • Little smile

      Yeah and they weren’t even taken for a good example,even thought chie and Naoto are possible some of the best fleshed out female characters.
      I guess only Female Protagonists counts *sigh*

  • 21michael

    Can highly recommend Extra creditz, I watch it every week :)

  • URB

    I liked the motherhood description in Other M. Samus, being what she is, have very few chance of ever having a child (if she is not already sterile from all the radiation and shock she went through) and it sounded logical to me that being seen as a mother by a creature, even as inhuman as a metroid, would trigger something in her, the same way as a man would try to protect a child as it triggers something in him. And that is put even more in depth by the other female character which has the same sort of “misplaced mother feelings”. But I won’t say more because I’m borderline spoiling here.

    The marines in Other M were quite stereotypical, and the gameplay was quite flat and uninteresting, but the story itself and the way it treated Samus was appreciable. In my own opinion of course.

    Concerning the actual subject, Extra Credit is, as always, giving some interesting food for thought. Even if all this would need to go through the test of actually making a game.
    But yeah, game designers should be forced to watch their video. Not apply everything in them, but at least have a thought about those subjects.

  • Jason B. Gebhart

    I like this episode. It’s really good and expresses what I’ve always felt in gaming: a lot of characters are gender neutral. But I would like to say that it is cool when you get to play as the only female character available.
    Also, I want to mention that while I can agree with Anita Sarkessian’s points, that the damsel in distress has, like gaming, grown to be more graphic as opposed to being more mature, her argument is lost on me by what rubs me as misandrous feminism, which, ironically enough, is a feminist trope.