Top 10 Worst NES Games [ VIDEO ]

I did not see a single video game that the Angry Video Game Nerd mentioned that I can honestly vouch for. Especially Ghostbusters for the NES… Okay, maybe I will never actually played the NES version of the game, but I did play it on my friend’s Commodore 64. It was horrible. I never got it nor did I understand how someone would even describe this game as fun. Least favorite game EVAR!

source: YouTube


  • C.T.

    I can vouch for the BttF game being rather difficult. I didn’t get it with a manual so that made it even harder to figure out what to do. Come to find out years later that you can beat it in five hours and that each area is a street. Even my mom was baffled by it. We tried everything. Nothing worked. Lack of save file and health bar made it worse. I still enjoyed it though xDD