The Story of Eric Barone [ VIDEO ]

Everyone that I know or have seen that enjoys Stardew Valley is of the female persuasion. I have personally never played it, but I used to play Harvest Moon on the SNES. Just something that I noticed, that I never see guys being wildly excited for the game.

source: YouTube


  • skyrender

    This story reminded me of what I really want from life. I’ve wanted to be a novelist since I was 10. I’ve been writing for my entire life since then. When my first novel didn’t draw any real profit when I self-published it on Amazon, I kind of just gave up on that path. Life events conspired to make that decision much easier, and for the last 2 years in particular I’ve just been kind of lost and adrift. I have a sequel to that first novel that I’ve only just finished the first draft of, but thanks to work, it took me the better part of 3 years to even get that far. I still want to be a novelist, though. I still want to write, not to sit around answering phones all day. I want to continue the story I’ve started, to reach the goal I originally had in mind and then surpass it. And I will, damn it. Thank you for reminding me of what matters in life.

  • prime_pm

    Now I want a video for No Man’s Sky, or The True Lies of Hello Games. Just go all Shattered Glass on it.

    I loved that movie.

  • WizardStan

    I’m a “manly man”: tall, beard, reasonably fit, penis that enjoys being in the company of vagina. I’ve also put hundreds of hours into Stardew Valley. So hi, nice to meet you, now you know one person who enjoys Stardew Valley who is not “of the female persuasion”. To be fair, I’m also a computer programmer who spends 8 hours a day in a cubicle making money for other people so the game’s narrative (and this video itself, actually) speaks to me on a spiritual level.

  • oldtaku

    The worst thing about the game for me isn’t that it’s girly, it’s that it’s insanely grindy, same things over and over and over again. Some people love that – still playing WoW? This might be for you.

    It was too much for me, so instead I played World’s Dawn, which is far ‘girlier’ but about 1/10th the grind. And that was about right me me.

    But Eric deserves everything he got for having the guts to do this all by himself and being such a DAMN GOOD GUY with support on Twitter and updates – all by himself. Seriously, for a month or so after release he was a one man army.