Super Press Start for Every Super NES Title Screen [ VIDEO ]

I’m going to have to be completely honest with you. I’m just going to have to take Nick Vaughn’s word that every Super NES opening title screen is in this video. Coming in at just a little over 9 hours, I don’t have the time to suggest otherwise.

If you want, he does include the entire list of all the games used in this video on his tumblr site. So why not check that out if you’re curious. Or just watch the entire video if you’ve got the time and tell me if it’s correct.

source: YouTube


  • NINE!?!

    Shit, uhm… Considering how much I and many others hammered the start button just so we could start playing (I’m looking at you, recent console generations and your fucking unskippable cutscenes), I think I’ll just let it run as background music sometimes.

  • anon

    Some of these though, they play a long title screen, some are really short. Now if it was consistent throughout.