Street Fighter III – Fuurinkazan [ VIDEO ]

If you pay attention at the :35 second mark, you can see Akuma. If you also pay attention at the :52 second mark, you can see that Poison tucks…Sorry, I can’t back that up.

Street Fighter III - Fuurinkazan

source: YouTube


  • Alastor

    Grrr… Poison IS A CHICK…

    She was originally female, and changed to a tranny because the censorship in the US wouldn’t let two guys in Streets of Rage beat up two girls. Deal with it.

    • But now in Japan, Poison is considered a transvestite and in the U.S.A. she is a post op tranny. Her palette swap version Roxy is still considered a female.

      • Ferio9x

        The more you know!

    • soulself

      Actually poison was always considered a chick with man parts, even in the first japanese game manual before it was altered for american release poison was referred to as a Newgen, wich is a nice way to say chick with dick

      • soulself

        ain’t sure if i can post youtube links but here is for alastor or anyone else..

        • Battle Catman

          The truth is hard to swallow.

          Poison nicknames her junk “The Truth.”