‘Star Fox Zero – The Battle Begins’ Anime Short [ VIDEO ]

I’m usually not a proponent of CGI masked to look like traditional animation. It has this unnatural feel to it.

More traditional animation distorts, reshapes and redesign character animation from on frame to another. While CGI animation, uses 3D models that keep the same general structure as they transition between frames. The latter creates a more natural feel, but not a more natural cel animation feel.

That said, this video does work. Not perfectly. It still has a CGI feel to it. Plus, some of the character movements and pacing are slower than I would like, too. This is another common difference between more traditional animation and CGI.

In traditional animation, you need to create all of the individual character art for each frame. So directors are more likely to choose what does or doesn’t need to be drawn by artists when plotted the story. With CGI, an animated sequence can easily be paced slower or slowed down to fit in an allotted amount of time and the computer will merely take over the in-betweens. As such pacing issues, while still important, are not as important for the same reasons. Does this make sense?

Regardless, I did enjoy this animated “prequel” to Star Fox Zero. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been sharing it with you now. Just because I can find flaws with something, doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

source: YouTube