Seven Video Game Puzzles That Made No Friggin’ Sense [ VIDEO ]



  • theycallmetomu

    The skin problem was pretty easy if you ask me, don’t know why people complain.

    • Tatsurou

      It isn’t about it being difficult.
      It’s about the logic not making sense.

      • theycallmetomu

        As in, it’s absurdist? Sure. That’s Monkey Island.

        As in, it makes no sense from a puzzle solver standpoint? I disagree: we know we have an area that requires certain names as inputs as a puzzle component, and we have a source of names. So it’s just putting 2 and 2 together.

        • Tatsurou

          And where’s the logic in that being the source of the names?

          • theycallmetomu

            Familiarity with point and click adventure games? Duh.

            That’s like arguing against the cartoon physics of the Sam and Max series.

  • Alexander Merchant

    They should’ve excluded point-and-click adventures (is that what they’re called? I forget). Those games tend to have some pretty nonsensical puzzles just by default. Most are pretty nonsensical in other ways, too (like story, characters, locations, etc). Deponia, for example….