Resetting Your Online Password [ VIDEO ]

I just had to change a password this morning. Very similar situation to the video.

source: YouTube
via: BuzzFeed


  • Chrispy

    And then, most importantly, ten seconds later, “What the fuck did I just make my password?”

    • Jarrett


      my job makes me reset my password every 30 days. I can never remember what the new one is for 14 of those days and they start e-mail spamming me to change it 10 days before it expires.

      • Matt

        That’s why I wrote down all my passwords… like 7 different ones. If I forgot it I’d have to scramble through a bunch of little pieces of paper in my pocket to find it XD

      • Mark

        For those 30 day passwords (mine is supposed to be 90 days) but if you use the word for the month each month as they pass, and then use the year and a few other static things you will get a unique but generally easy to use form to run your passwords. Still quite secure as long as you follow the caps and lowers and number rule. A coworker told me that a long time ago and it has worked for me since.

  • Exatamente assim!

  • brefin
  • Phaelin

    Isn’t she just so cool with her red-rimmed glasses and over-sized headphones?

    The answer is no, hipster.

  • Skozo

    Holy f-ck! She’s cute!

  • Egg

    As I always point out when password rules get posted ->

  • Kree

    Relevement XKCD.

    I’m way too forgetful to actually remember all my passwords, so I just use 1Password and keep the app installed on my phone and PCs.

    • Kree

      Shit, what a horrible typo…

  • hawk222

    Didn’t this used to be a webcomic website? Whatever happened to the webcomics that Steve would post? (Not to say that I didn’t enjoy this video, but I’ve been wondering this for a while now…)

    • Instead of just reposting it, here’s a link to where I answered this a few days ago.

      • hawk222

        Ah gee, I’m sorry if I came across as a jerk. I’ve only been keeping tabs on the Exclusive stuff, so I wouldn’t have seen that comment, but I’m sorry to hear about your predicament! Thanks for keeping at it, though, and for the new comic you posted today!