Real World Portal Experiment [ VIDEO ]

Near the end I was waiting for only half of his friend to come flying out of that portal…If not less.

source: Vimeo
via: Kotaku


  • Eyebrows

    Besides the fact that even a non-vertical fall at 126 mph would at least break bones (if not kill him), and they were too nonchalant about seeing it for the first time, looked more realistic and more seamless than most other Portal videos

    I would be more impressed if it wasnt the 500th video like this

  • Phaelin

    And Razzie for Worst Actor of the Year goes to: hat guy!

  • SerenityDan

    In real life the it would go like this- Test 1: Does it work? Test 2: Self oral.

    • thewood

      Not as great as it may seem, at least for a straight man. While you may be having your dick sucked, when it comes down to it, there’s a cock in your mouth. Gross.

    • X_Intolerable_X

      Test 3: Explain to your wife/girlfriend/buddies/children/parents/priest/therapist how jizzing in your own mouth isn’t the least bit gay/weird/disgusting.

      • K

        Test 4: Get them to try it out. (Self-oral that is).

      • 06th

        Don’t know why I’m explaining that to half the people there, but my girlfriend already knows.

  • BigLord

    Indeed very impressive. I want to be able to create videos like that :(

  • Chaos

    Most polished one of these I’ve seen yet.