Pokémon: The Origin [trailer] [ VIDEO ]

Pokémon: The Origin is scheduled to premier in Japan on October 2. The internet denizens are still speculating to whether or not this is simply going to be a special or an ongoing anime series. Personally, I think it’s just going to be a feature.

Why? Two reasons. One, the production quality in this trailer is similar to that of the Pokémon theatrical movies and much higher than the ongoing series. And my second reason, is that the new Pocket Monsters XY (Pokémon XY stateside) anime series is premiering in Japan on October 17. But we can still hope, right? Probably not.

On another note, I wonder how closely this anime will parallel Scott Ramsoomair’s SUPER EFFECTIVE? Hmm…

source: YouTube


  • Tatsurou

    Is this actually being made, and where can I find it in English?

    • Rosa Canina

      Yeah, this IS the real thing. They make it… but you won’t find it in english anytime soon. It was just announced today!

  • Ronnie

    Yawn, pass. I know Red gets all the love because he’s in Brawl and crap, but the Pokemon Trainer I fell in love with was Ash Ketchum from the Town of Pallet, and HE WON’T BE EQUALLED BY THE LIKES OF YOU!

    • Nobody

      Who cares about the guy who beat the elite 4 and became the champion when you have Ash who only ranked 16th(if I remember correctly) and spends his time traveling around picking up 10 year old girls to travel the wilderness with him for a few months.

      • demecowen

        Well he does have this ability to not grow up. As for the ladies, he also been kiss by female pokemon(maybe).

      • Ronnie

        So what? Ash was also blessed with the gift of an ACTUAL PERSONALITY AND CHARACTER and PLOTS as opposed to Red who is a simple cipher for the player and nothing more. Screw Reddy McBlandbland. He shouldn’t have made Brawl (Fun fact: His pokemon were all the evolutions of Ash’s anyways) and he shouldn’t be in this.

        • D-star

          You do know that Ash is based on Red and not the other way around right? Ash doesn’t have anything to do with the games so that’s why he isn’t in any of the games (and yellow doesn’t count) . maybe you should read the Pokemon adventures manga before you say he has no personality

  • Phaelin

    As long as the Pokemon don’t go around squawking their names, I’m hyped!

  • Fox

    This might be of help:

    It will indeed be a special, so you guessed right in terms of the looks. Was about damn time as well. Not that delusional idiotic kid story with a 10 year old that doesn’t even interest “boobs” (though the movies were great actually).

    Also looking forward to a reboot of the show. X/Y looks interesting. But I lost track of all the game remakes. And they’re friggin expensive with 60EUR / game over here.

    “I go stand on a mountain and sh*t!”