Pointy Bits [ VIDEO ]

When, not if (you know it’s only a matter of time before Square-Enix finally decides to milk this cash cow), Square-Enix finally decides to remakes Final Fantasy VII, do you think it will hold up to the test of time? Or will people finally realize that the nostalgia isn’t enough carry the most over-hyped title in the Final Fantasy repertoire… FINAL FANTASY VI FTW!

source: YouTube


  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Lulz, death by pointy bits.

  • Michael C.

    Except VI was also over-hyped and painted over by the nostalgia-vision. The game was horribly bugged, after all, and not in any charming sorts of ways, oh no. Rather, it was bugged in the “ERASE ALL YOUR FUCKING SAVE DATA” way.

  • Lumina

    It’s already on steam…To late. square doesn’t remake games…they just sell it to people who HOPE buy it will get them to understand we want a HD version.

    • yue

      Can alway install HD character models and what not at least.

    • Fox


      Then what about all those remakes of FF1 to FF6? Including the horrible 3D remakes of 4-6?

      I’d love to see a makover of FF7 as well, with FF13 graphics or something like that. But Square ports/redo’s anyhting but that(!) particular game. The game that is asked to be redone the most. Nah, we get a HD Kingdom Hearts, we get 3DS FF4-6, we get re-released Chrono Trigger (albeit, a good move actually).

      FF7 will stay as it is – even if it’s among the most successful of the FF games. At least we can play “Crisis Core” (Sony’s PlayStore) on a big screen as soon as the PSVita TV is out. A move that Nintendo should have done long ago as well.

      Oh and… that Ruby Weapon looked badass!

      • Fayt

        You’re an idiot. Square never made 3D remakes of FFV and VI, only IV which was amazing. You are also confusing ports for remakes.

        • Kaye

          That and it was FF III and IV released on the DS. FF IV – VI (eventually) are on mobile devices.