PlayStation Moves in a Bad Way [ VIDEO ]

Be forewarned that what you may potentially view could be deemed as NSFW. Granted the guys at 4PlayerPodcast did create something very funny, it is also wrong. So, so very wrong. You’ve been warned.


  • odderz

    This is amazing.

  • O.o

    I smell white trash…

  • OMG, this pet is so dirtly clean!

    Anyways, could only be white…

  • X_Intolerable_X

    So dumb, yet so funny!

  • john gray

    omg i just loled irl and every one of my roommate looked at me like im crazy!!!!

  • Randomgamerdude

    Gaaah my eyes my eyes!

  • blexmer

    ………why did they have a blow up doll of a guy handy for this situation?