Pause and Effect [ VIDEO ]

It’s amazing to watch what characters do when they’re not being paused and/or just being left alone to be pummeled. Just think of all the extra time and effort go into animating what happens when nothing is actually happening.

source: YouTube


  • Akoi Meexx

    No Sonic? I want my 7 minutes back damnit!

    • Lord Milkman

      This appears to be made solely of SNES games. I know I can’t get close to listing them all, but there were several that I KNOW weren’t US releases.

  • Ryan

    Didn’t have Commander Keen mooning the player either.

    • TheyCallMeTomu


  • Jeff

    All the “getting pummeled in a fighting game” shots don’t really fit. That’s not a waiting animation, that’s just the game continuing. Nothing special or “look what they took the time to animate” about that.

  • Maleketh

    Meh. The vast majority of those shots either weren’t idle animations or weren’t interesting.

  • BigLord

    Et tu, Steve? “Their” instead of “they’re”?

    As for the video itself, as soon as I read «Based on “Go Right”» I knew it would be an awesome vid. Really enjoyed it.

  • Aesclepius

    What about the animation in Bubsy is 3D where he take out a remote control and purportedly messes with your TV settings?

  • Tokoshoran

    Interestingly, there’s one game I played where you have to idle if you want to continue. There are idle animations in it, but it’s just the fact that you sit there for five minutes, not what the animations are, that lets you continue. It was Breath of Fire 3, after you find Teepo again. I remember when I first got there, I spent a few months trying to figure out how to get past it.

  • PorkRoll

    Going all the way back to the Apple //, there was an awesome game called Captain Goodnight where he would start playing with a yo-yo and show other signs of boredom if you made him wait.

    Also, was very happy to see Blackthorne in that video. Awesome game.

  • thewood

    Awesome video! I used to find a safe place to sit in most games just to see these animations! Makes the characters more real.