More Accurate Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon [ VIDEO ]

Can’t watch this without being reminded of the Dead Alewives‘ most viral Dungeons & Dragons sketch. “Can I have a Mountain Dew?!”

This is relevant.

source: YouTube


  • Halrawk

    Uni as self. Nice.

  • FuzzyWulfe

    This sounds like some campaigns I’ve played.

  • Maleketh

    “Accurate” my ass; they’re rolling dice for Reflex. :|

    • More accurate does not necessarily mean completely accurate.

    • The Man in Black (Bill Silvia)

      I’ve never NOT rolled dice for my Ref, Fort and Will Saves…

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      They mixed up a lot of 3E and 4E terminology. Rolling saves is 3E, whereas “Dailies” (which they mention a few times) is 4E. “Burned from your memory” is more vancian, which is pre-4E. Ritual magic (like magic ladder) is mostly 4E.

      AC 45ish seems about right for Tiamat (maybe a point or two too low) in 4E. Forget what it was in 3E.

  • JulieR

    … that worked far better than it should be allowed to!

  • Phaelin

    So I’ve been pronouncing Tiamat wrong. All of my life. :(