Mario Kart’s Blue Shell is a Good Idea [ VIDEO ]

I’m willing to admit that the blue shell is a welcomed addition to the Mario Kart franchise. The blue shell condoms are a completely different matter, altogether.

source: YouTube
via: Dorkly


  • BaloogyMcBoy

    Not actually content generated by Dorkly, it’s part of the Extra Credits team

    • The source, I have listed for this video, is where it appears on YouTube. Via is how I discovered the content, if I did not first see it from the source.

      I want to make sure that the people who created the content get properly credited, but I also want to make sure that the people who first shared it with me get some props, as well.

      • Mike

        Yes,. I see you do link to the original video on Youtube, but the only name you mention is Dorkly. At no point do you mention Extra Credits (or the Design Club show this is an episode of) by name.

        • Unfortunately, since YouTube is the name of the site it originates from it will just be listed as YouTube, but the hover for the YouTube link has the entire title of the video and in the tags on the right it does have “Extra Credits.” Dorkly is listed as Dorkly since that’s the name of the website.

  • K7

    I don’t know about you, but unlike the EC guys, I actually ENJOY winning the races… Sorry guys, the blue shell really isn’t that fun, but thankfully, there are ways around it now to make it a little more balanced.

  • sgotsch

    Thanks for sharing: A new youtube-channel subscribed. :)

  • Sixclaws

    There should be a mode where the only item you could use was the blue shell. I’d love to see the insanity.

    • David

      I actually did a race with a friend (and AI players turned on), where only shells were allowed. Green Shells, Red Shells, and Blue Shells. That’s it.

      On a race with all sorts of pits.

      Never again.

      • Sixclaws

        I bet there was so much cursing even sailors would blush.