Many of the Most Memorable Gaming Mustaches [ VIDEO ]

I would like to call this the greatest video game mustaches, but how can I when the top two were not included: Mike Haggar and Abobo.

Animated gif below and original video, with audio, above.

Many of the Most Memorable Gaming Mustaches
source: Vimeo
via: Kotaku


  • Mathias

    Mario, Dr Robotnik, Solid Snake, Heihachi, Dr Neo Cortex and Zangief

  • thewood

    I think you have become a little obsessed, this is the second mustache post in the last month. Are we going to have to have an intervention?

    • In my defense, last month was Movember.

      • thewood

        True, I never really thought about it since I rarely shave anyway. I pretty much always rock the mountain man beard.