Lost in Translation [ VIDEO ]

It’s kind of like Hermione’s name. Until the Harry Potter movies, most people in the United States were saying it incorrectly.

source: Dorkly


  • thewood

    Neo Baha…Bahab… THE DRAGON!!!!

  • MindTricked

    I’ve always pronounced “Bahamut” like Cloud. Sephiroth’s version is too fancy.


    • Tustin2121

      Cloud’s version just sounds so weird. I said it like sephiroth, for most of those words, actually…

  • Adare

    The first time I read Harry Potter, I didn’t. I listened to it on tape, so I always knew how to pronounce Hermione’s name.

    • AndrewFoose

      I believe I pronounced her name Her-me-own-y. Until the first movie came out, I believe.

  • ThisIsNotDan

    I’m pretty sure there’s a section in Harry Potter 4 (the book) where Hermione actually discusses the correct pronunciation of her name. I had it wrong until I read that.

  • Ryu

    “I always knew how to pronounce Hermione’s name… Though for something like Bahamut, it’s less a case of lost in translation, as it is the difference between regional differences in names. John, Johann, and Juan are all technically the same name, and it’s not like the Japanese are pronouncing Bahamut like ancient Babylonians. Though, when the name doesn’t have a longstanding basis in mythology or a regional equivalent, it should be pronounced at closely to the original language as possible (barring accent), as far as I’m concerned.”

  • Anonymous

    Eeeeeether, Teeeefa, Mah-ko, and Bahamutt are what I use.

  • Jarrett

    I’ve always pronounced it like cloud does except with the emphasis on Ba. Oddly, I’ve also always pronounced it (in my head) ether like cloud as well even though I know it’s eeether.

  • Stepharneo

    I thought it was Red 13…because he was a numbered test subject.
    Eeether like ethernet.
    May-ko, but I know that they pronounce this one in the film and I can’t remember how they pronounce it, I’m happy to be wrong on this one.
    I tend not to put the emphasis on the ‘ha’ of Bahamut, baha-muht…not moot or mutt, but muht like put.
    It is definitely Tee-fa though, no way any one is calling anyone Tiffa, thats just madness.

  • UndeadLex

    Aeris…. Aerith……..